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by Bruce Stark
four hands piano, about 8 minutes 30 seconds

Belle-Kane Publications
$19.99 (US) (two scores)
Chika Nagisa and Ikuma Itoh perform Four
at the Yamaha Remote Live Event in Tokyo, August 3, 2011.

Four was commissioned by Keys To The Future, a contemporary piano music festival in New York City in 2008, and premiered on February 9, 2009 at Mannes College by pianists Karen Hakobyan and Gabriel Escudero.

Program Notes
Four is a set of variations based on two themes: one is quick and syncopated, the other broadly lyrical. The title refers to a predominant structural motif of the complete version: four hands, 4/4 time, and the lyrical theme is (mostly) in four phrases of four notes moving up (or down) a scale. Each variation uses both themes, providing contrast and imparting a sonata-like quality to some of the music. There is no definitive presentation of the material; each variation offers a version, like viewing the same object through four different lenses.

Four was commissioned in 2008 by Keys To The Future under the direction of Joseph Rubenstein, to whom I extend a special thanks for his encouragement.

- Bruce Stark