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by Bruce Stark
Marimba Quartet
duration: about 8 minutes (5 minute version also available)

Belle-Kane Publications
(score 26 pages)
score and parts: $9.99 (US)

Program Notes
Fugue is both jazz-influenced and structurally rigorous. After a four-part exposition the syncopated theme appears in stretti, inversion, augmentation, and rhythmically altered. There are also passages where the music becomes intoxicated with its own momentum, and polyrhythmic tapestries derived from motifs in the theme propel the piece forward. A quiet section in the middle offers contrast to the waves of intensity before and after.

The first version of Fugue was composed in 1987 for four unspecified voices. In 1989 I prepared a version for the Manhattan Marimba Quartet's premiere of the work in New York City. Twenty years later, I made considerable revisions and completed this edition.

A special thanks goes to Dr. Tracy Freeze for his encouragement and interest, without which this edition would not exist.

- Bruce Stark