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by Bruce Stark
string quartet
about 4 minutes
Belle-Kane Publications
score and parts: $9.99 (US)
Program Notes
The music of Hush combines jazz-inspired writing with classical structure, and is basically intended as a bit of fun for the concert stage. The piece is through-composed, however the spirit of improvisation propels the ideas, and after the opening material each instrument takes a solo, as often occurs in a jam-session.

The initial version was composed in Tokyo in 1993 for the Y Quartet, who premiered it the same year. Twenty years later, at the request of cellist Lynn Angebranndt of the Kadima Quartet I found a set of parts hidden deep in a closet, and prepared this revised version with numerous changes and re-writes. A special thanks goes to Lynn for being the impetus to re-discover the music.
- Bruce Stark