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Japanese Song Collection (cl)
arrangements by Bruce Stark
clarinet and piano, 5 pieces
(piano score 23 pages)
Belle-Kane Publications
score and part: $12.99 (US)

Omoide no Album, Sato No Aki ,
Doka De Haru Ga, Furusato ,
Koi Wa Yasashii Nobe No Hana Yo
These are all well-known Japanese songs,
but until now have there been such fresh,
appealing arrangements?
All the arrangements are natural and
easy to perform, however new discoveries
await the player in each piece.

-Kazuo Fujii
clarinetist and educator

The arrangements in this collection were recorded by clarinetist Kazuo Fujii with Stark at the piano in 2003 for the CD Bitter-Sweet (ALM Records: ASCD 7076). Since then Mr. Fujii and others have programed the works as recital pieces in concerts throughout Japan.
Program Notes
I lived in Tokyo for over 20 years, and during that time I performed my arrangements of traditional and well-loved Japanese melodies in a variety of combinations with many wonderful Japanese musicians. The beauty and simplicity of these exquisite melodies is irresistable, and I hope my arrangements can offer new versions which impart a fresh life to the material. From the first time I set foot in Japan I felt that part of me was inexplicably connected to the country, and the creation of these arrangements is an expression of my love of the subtle and bitter-sweet elements of Japanese culture which have inspired me and broadened my perspectives.
- Bruce Stark