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There are some life experiences which
are not describable or explainable in words.
The grief we all feel at the death of
innocent people in war is one of them.
Bruce Stark, with the quiet questioning of "Blue",
has luminously translated that grieving into music.
I have felt honored to be his interpreter.

- Paula Robison, flutist (U.S.)
Bruce Stark's works are full of fantasy; they have
the power to stimulate the listener's imagination.

- Yuko Mifune, pianist (Japan)
Fresh, refined, music that holds both the audience
and the musicians captive . . . I love Bruce's pieces!

- Kaori Fujii, flutist (U.S./Japan)
It is challenging to describe the range of Bruce's music
in words, but here are a few: powerful and dynamic,
yet tender and serene; complex yet always tuneful and accessible;
funky and jazzy yet classically rigourous; challenging yet
eminently pianistic, always fitting well under the fingers.
It's also a heck of a lot of fun to play--and audiences adore it.

- Seann Alderking, pianist (U.K.)
Bruce's works are innovative and exciting additions to the repertoire.
Whether it's his varied and soulful "Gospel Song Fantasy,"
the creatively energetic "Little Brown Jug," or the simple
beauty of "Nearer My God to Thee," Bruce's work always
opens up new doors for the performer and never fails to
delight all who play or hear it!

- Megumi Kanda, trombone (U.S.)
(principal trombone, Milwaukee Symphony)
(about "American Suite")
Colorful, delicate, witty, fanciful--a charming and
strong work, for a combination of instruments which
have attracted so many mediocre ones.

- Phillip Moll, pianist
(accompanist for James Galway, Jessie Norman and others)
When I commissioned Bruce Stark to write a piece celebrating
the turn of the millennium, I was certain of only one thing:
that his piece would be full of excitement! What I could not have
foreseen was the daring structure of the piece, the extraordinary
finesse of his orchestration, and the muscular main theme that
could almost provide the soundtrack to an adventure film.
Bruce Stark's 'Overture to New Beginnings' takes the listener on
an exhilarating journey--albeit a five-minute one--and I hope to
have the opportunity to commission many more, and longer,
journeys from Bruce in the future.

David Charles Abell, conductor (U.K.)
Rhythms that dance and spring
from deep within your body,
a myriad of colors and shades,
tender, melodic passages . . .
when I play Bruce's music, a world of images
seems to rise from the piano, and my love
and passion for the piano itself grows.

Chika Nagisa, pianist (Japan)
These are all well-known Japanese songs,
but until now have there been such fresh,
appealing arrangements?
All the arrangements are natural and
easy to perform, however new discoveries
await the player in each piece.

-Kazuo Fujii
clarinetist and educator (Japan)
Bruce Stark is unquestionably one of the finest
composers of his generation. His music is exquisitely
sensitive, carefully crafted, hauntingly beautiful.

- Jeffrey Jacob, pianist (U.S.)